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At THREE MONTHS, your child should:

  • Turn head towards bright colors or lights

  • Respond to loud sounds

  • Grasps objects placed in hand- Recognize breast or bottle

  • Begin to bat at objects- Make cooing, babbling sounds

  • Lift head and chest when lying on tummy

  • Quiet when spoken to

  • Follow moving objects with eyes

  • Smile


At SIX MONTHS, your child should:

  • Reach for toys and pick them up

  • Move toys from hand to hand

  • Help hold bottle

  • Sit with minimum support

  • Begin to crawl

  • Roll over (both ways)

  • Turn toward source of normal sound

  • Recognize familiar faces


At NINE MONTHS, your child should:

  • Sit without support

  • Find toy hidden under cloth

  • Imitate "bye-bye", "ma-ma", clap

  • Begin creeping on hands and knees

  • Enjoy dumping out and picking up things

At their ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY, your child should:

  • Pull itself to standing position

  • Crawl on hands and knees

  • Wave "bye-bye"

  • Put toys into a container

  • Begin to use a spoon and hold a cup

  • Point to objects he/she knows when asked, "Where is it?


At EIGHTEEN MONTHS, your child should:

  • Try putting on their own shoes

  • Feed them self with a spoon

  • Like to help

  • Let you know what they want

  • Point to things when needed

  • Walk without help

  • Pick up a cheerio

  • Build a tower with three blocks


At their SECOND BIRTHDAY, your child should:

  • Listen to short stories

  • Turn the pages of a book

  • Copy another child's play

  • Jump

  • Run

  • Walk up and down stairs with help

  • Sometimes use two word sentences

  • Often do the opposite of what is asked

At their THIRD BIRTHDAY, your child should:

  • Talk, so they can be understood most of the time

  • Use three word sentences

  • Tell you who is a girl and who is a boy

  • Pedal a trike

  • Kick a ball

  • Initiate (copy) drawing a straight line

  • Stringe large objects

  • Name six body parts


At their FOURTH BIRTHDAY, your child should:

  • Ask questions

  • Play make-believe

  • Take turns

  • Dress themselves, except for fasteners

  • Put together a 7-12 piece puzzle

  • Draw a face

  • Balance on one foot

  • Name several colors


At their FIFTH BIRTHDAY, your child should:

  • Play organized games

  • Follow a three-step direction

  • Cut with scissors

  • Copy familiar shapes

  • Draw a person with 6-8 body parts

  • Catch a bounced ball

  • Count to ten

  • Understand the meaning of many words

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