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 Pioneers Program 

Mission Statement
To provide quality educational services in a nurturing, supportive, relationship-based environment that empowers students to function effectively in school and society.

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At the Pioneers building, we serve students from our 6 member districts of: Foley, Holdingford, Kimball, Rocori, Sartell, and Sauk Rapids-Rice.  Students in our programs have been referred to us by their home schools due to needing extra support not available in the general education setting.  During their time at Pioneers, students learn life, social, and academic skills with the goal of reintegrating back to their home schools. We are relationship based and use school wide positive supports to increase motivation and decrease unexpected behaviors.

Pioneers Elementary

We serve students in grade K-5 who struggle with self-regulation and social skills and who may also have difficulty with academics and mental health. Our class sizes are smaller than typical and allow for low adult to student ratios as well as structured environments. Our teachers and staff provide core academics along with instruction in social emotional learning and mental health skills in a structured, supportive, and caring environment. 

Pioneers ASD/DCD

Our students in this program are primarily under Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Developmental/Cognitive Disability (DCD) criteria grade 9 through age 21. These students learn to navigate academic and social environments through individualized curriculum, a high staff to student ratio, and an intensive and customized Federal Setting IV learning environment. This setting allows for flexible programming so that students’ behavioral and sensory needs are met while building functional skills and increasing their independence.

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