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Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapists working in the educational settings develop therapeutic strategies and accommodations specific to the student’s needs in order to maximize the student’s optimal performance during learning and self-care tasks. 

The strategies developed by the school-based OT support the student’s educational program.  They are educationally related, integrated, and implemented by school personnel, family, student and therapist. 

To receive educational occupational therapy services, the student must qualify for special education and then secondly demonstrate the need for OT as a related service, determined by the educational team. 

Educational OT services are based on a consultative model to assist the school staff with monitoring progress, program planning, and activity recommendations related to student’s fine motor abilities and IEP objectives.  These services are not meant to substitute medical OT interventions.  


Occupational Therapy services focus on:
*Functional fine motor skills
* Assistive technology for writing
* Classroom seating/positioning
* Upper body/core strengthening
* Self regulation
* Self care skills
* Adaptive equipment
* Visual perceptual skills
* Staff training and inservices
* Parent/caregiver education

Online switch or touch window  games, multiple levels 

Motor control practice from switch practice to matching, pre-writing and writing 

Motor control practice for preschool through elementary

Writing and cutting  practice pages  

Typing practice

Typing Games  

Zaner Bloser Handwriting

Resources and Links

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